Answers provided absolutely immediately

“The software works well and needs little technical support. As questions have arisen and as these are directed to the company’s Technical Support team, answers are generally provided immediately. Any unanswered questions or calls are returned promptly. Technical Support staff is resourceful and very helpful! Online and webinar training have proven to be very useful for new and existing users. Recent enhancements to the software have created an even more user-friendly product.”
IT Administrator, North Dakota

Locating a client in the system is never a problem

“The ability to search by name or loan number and especially searching by “contains” within the name of a client is very convenient. Locating a client in the system is never a problem.”
Credit Admin, Bank, California

All our tracking items on the same system

“. . . Great comments from front office on ease of use. They really appreciate having all the tracking items on the same system, with very user-friendly reports.”
President, Bank, Louisiana

I cannot recall working with a vendor that has been as responsive

“The support we have received has been nothing short of outstanding.  In my 30+ years in banking I cannot recall working with a vendor that has been as responsive and accommodating.  The entire FISCAL Credit Suite team really understands customer support and service after the sale.  Even the folks that answer the phone at your office are so pleasant and cordial.  It’s a difference that has been noted by all of us who have been working with you.”
President, Bank, Louisiana

ExceptionComplete is by far the most efficient and easy-to-use system

“I’ve personally worked on two other tickler programs for tracking data the bank must obtain and for tracking covenants. ExceptionComplete is by far the most efficient and easy-to-use system I’ve worked with. Some of the key features we appreciate are:

• The automatic update of an item’s due date when checking something off; this saves us data entry time on a daily basis.

• The quality of the letters the system generates keeps with the standard of material the bank sends to its clients.

• The different reports the system generates allow us to quantify the information in formats to meet the needs of management as well as individual loan officers.

These are items that I’ve experienced difficulty with when using other tracking programs, and these features have made ExceptionComplete a big key to my department’s success.

Lastly I’d like to mention your customer support and company’s ability to modify and customize ExceptionComplete to meet the bank’s specific needs. This has allowed and is continuing to allow my department to do more, without adding staff or time which is truly adding to the department’s efficiency and the bank’s bottom line.

Thank you for your hard work and support. We look forward to a continued and prosperous relationship.”

Credit Admin, Bank, California

A+ on service and support

“Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into working with us!! It is definitely going to be a big benefit to our operations. A+ on service and support.
We are convinced that being able to use email notifications will greatly increase cooperation and facilitate the ease of getting documents and information as needed.”
CCO, Bank, Massachusetts

The regulators were extremely pleased. . .

“ExceptionComplete has helped us tremendously, since we use it to not only manage the entire loan process – from origination to analysis to processing to closing to booking to review – but also for standard technical exception tracking.  It will also talk to FISCAL and monitor financial covenants.  ExceptionComplete is nice for our whole process, which was very, very, broken before we started to use it.  We have standards to meet for the various departments, and we also get the benefit of the technical or financial exception tracking.  The regulators were extremely pleased that we were not using an excel sheet.  We locked down the security, and it is very powerful.”
CCO, Bank, Illinois

Thank you

“Thank you for making my work life simpler!”
Officer, Bank, Colorado

User-friendly enhancements

“Every enhancement that has been made to the system over the years has made it that much better. It is such a user friendly system.”
Customer, New York

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