Giving customers access to the people and resources they need is our first priority.



Continuous improvement is one of our core values. We make upgrades easy, allowing installation from cds or downloads of:

  • Annual product updates and new features
  • Updated help documents
  • Custom reports and applets


Our products are useful from the start, even for new or occasional users, and power users always find more value and increasing benefits through:

  • Online How-to videos and Quick Guide
  • Newsletters and User Conferences
  • Customized web-based or onsite training


Whether you need a quick answer to a quick question or require more technical expertise, we’ve got you covered. We can:

  • Communicate by phone or email
  • Work directly with you via the web
  • Work directly with your IT department.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

During implementation – as you grow – for new hires – as roles change within your organization – with FISCAL Credit Suite and ExceptionComplete, you’re never on your own.  Our team is here to give you just the help you need, just when you need it.


Training unlocks the power of your investment.

All of our training is developed and led by true product experts with the experience to answer your questions and make your institution’s usage effective and efficient. We can help you develop your team in the areas that really matter for your markets, policies and priorities, with training delivery options that work for you.


Our one-on-one introductory walk-throughs lay the groundwork for quick and continuing success. For administrators and full users of our programs, we’ll schedule about an hour over the phone, with a web connection for screen sharing. This individualized attention develops confidence and proficiency in the software from the very beginning, as you discuss it, see it, and use it right away, with an expert to guide you.


Our introductory and How-to videos get right to point. The on-demand format allows you to watch what is important to you, at a time that is convenient for you. The videos range in length from three to ten minutes, and can be viewed as often as necessary.


Our webinars are tailored to your audience, so you can be sure everyone walks away with the information and skills appropriate to their various roles. In discussion with your leadership, we will analyze your institution’s needs and outline the best agenda, often a series of shorter sessions focused by task and topic. Training combines instruction, real-world scenarios, and hands-on exercises.


Our full training at your location puts all the benefits of our in-depth knowledge and expertise at your disposal. In addition to a custom agenda defined by your interests, real-world scenarios, and hands-on exercises, we can work with your actual policies and case files, giving your team the most interactive, relevant, and consultative training available.


When will we be up and running?
ExceptionComplete is built around your processes, so setup depends on your priorities. From the beginning you will be assigned a dedicated implementation contact who will be with you every step of the way.



Client software is installed on workstations or in a Citrix / Terminal server configuration. The database is installed using our simple tool or can be managed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. We will coordinate the work with your IT department. The whole process usually takes about an hour.


Once installed, ExceptionComplete and CrossLink (our data transfer management application) will be structured to work specifically with your products, policies, and data. A regular weekly meeting with your implementation contact keeps everyone on task and on schedule.



Our one-on-one introductory walk-throughs give you basic proficiency in the software right away. When your team is ready for more, online options use real-world scenarios focused by task and topic with hands-on exercises. Onsite training is the most interactive, relevant, and consultative, and can include work with your actual policies and files. Free “How-to” videos alos provide a quick introduction or refresher to the program.


In six weeks, most customers are fully functioning, with setup complete, CrossLink data coming across, and checklists and reports in regular use. Over the next six weeks, your implementation contact will continue weekly meetings to be sure you get exactly what you need, from adding functionality to reports to coordinating training.

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