Indirect Liabilities – Related Party Exposure
Activity History – Customer Relationships – Core Interface



Indirect Liability Monitoring

Report total liability from all loans for which a guarantor is legally responsible

ExceptionComplete automatically tracks and reports the TOTAL liabilities (direct and indirect) attributed to borrowers and guarantors. Nightly updates from the core system ensure that account balances, loan balances, and customer information are accurate. Avoid over-reliance on guarantors, possibly jeopardizing multiple loans and putting an institution at risk.


Current loans and balances - Risk Levels - Guarantee Limits
Amounts of Credit Relationships - Types of Credit Relationships

Set, Identify, and Monitor:

  • Capacity, limits, and scope
  • Over-reliance on certain guarantors
  • Deteriorating financial positions
  • Changes in credit relationships
  • Changes guarantor financial position

ExceptionComplete helps mitigate ongoing credit risk from indirect liability exposure.

Related/Associated Party Exposure

Maintain awareness of all related exposure in your portfolio

ExceptionComplete allows easy association of parent and subsidiary companies, joint ventures, operating companies, real estate holding companies, or those with any other qualifying relationship as Related Parties. Quickly generate the Related Parties Total Report showing the current status of the exposure across all relationships.


  • Parent and subsidiary companies
  • Joint ventures
  • Operating companies
  • Real estate holding companies
  • Small loan tied to larger loan
  • Individual
  • Investment
  • Other qualifying relationships

With ExceptionComplete, you have an effortless system in place to consistently review current related party exposure.

Activity History/Comments

EC Edit history
ExceptionComplete automatically logs every record change, providing an actionable audit trail that cannot be modified.

Change date • User • Field changed • Old value • New value

ExceptionComplete also keeps a record of Notification Letters and Emails, including the date sent and a list of the line items included in each notification.

History functionality provides transparency and documentation of activities.

user-monitor-blueCustomer Information and Relationships

EC - customer info

ExceptionComplete contains all the information needed to effectively monitor and manage the portfolio. Customer information, including accounts balances and contact details, is updated nightly from your core/host system. Relationship information is accurate and easy to access.

All the information in one place, updated nightly from your core.

Core Interface Utility

Automatically update from your host/core system

Transfer data for customers, loans, collateral, deposit accounts, and guarantor relationships. Scheduled updates refresh data in FISCAL and ExceptionComplete with current host/core information.

Importing customer data from your core system ensures data integrity and accuracy. Reducing or eliminating manual data entry saves valuable time and keeps your resources focused on the analysis and assessment of the data.

crosslink ppt screenshot

Core interface utility saves data entry time and ensures accuracy and consistency with core data.